The Rabbit Hole

This week for my exploration project I decided to use my husband’s content for the mini-hunt. He is a vocalist so the treasure hunt begins with a QR Code posted to his Tumblr page. I used  four elements including Youtube, His Music Website and Reverb Nation. This was a great exploration because it helped me […]

GTS: WK 2 Practice 2

So this week I started To develop some of the main characters of my short story. Shane McDaniels and Sonya Cooper needed online accounts to begin my transmedia story. Shane MacDaniels email address is I used his email account to create his social media profiles. The most important was Pinterest. Shane uses Pinterest to […]

GTS WK2 Analysis: Why Create Transmedia

  This month I feel as if I had a head start. I picked up Andrea Phillip’s book, A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling,  at my local library and began reading it before starting this course. Some of the first terms she defines are West Coast Transmedia and East Coast Transmedia. On pages 13-14 she […]

Transmedia Short Story Element Map

For my short story, Shane and Sonya, I wanted viewers to be personally invested in my characters. I choose to highlight topics that many viewers are interested. Sonya creates handmade paper that is available for sale on Etsy. She created a Powtoon to advertise her products: handmade paper and decorative pens.  Sonya also has a “throwback” blog […]

GTS Week 2 Practice A,

I am really proud of the work that I did this week for my Transmedia story. The grade I am giving myself is a B+. It would be an A if I included some of the supporting characters. The story would have been more dynamic. To improve on this project I would include my own […]