Week 1 Analysis: Media Entrepreneurship Vision and Scope

Below is the basis of my online-based business. Starting an online-based business in 2015 is a challenging endeavor but as a Media Communications student, I can apply all the concepts I’ve learned and become a successful soloprenuer.


Name: fivesensemom.com

A real-life lifestyle mommy blog. An honest depiction of what it is to be an American mother and wife.

The company will eventually offer relevant products.

Services include consultations and speaking.

The voice of the company will be known for its blatant honesty. Instead of putting too much focus on branding, the company will be a reflection of real human beings- intricate and involved.

My role will be the founder and creator. I will spend my time creating and spreading content, as well as, networking with other online business owners relevant to the content.


This is  virtual-based business so the location will be remote. As the business expands a brick and mortar may be necessary for ongoing collaborative efforts.

The customers will be millennial mothers. They live in medium-sized cities across America. They work full-time. They prioritize their families.

The business will initially be a content-based company. This means that there will be no inventory or sales. The content will be compelling and free for at least one year before expanding to digitially distributed content- which does not require space for inventory.


The customers are millennial mothers in America. Busy, time-restricted, focused, and flawed. To contradict the unattainable image of the Perfect Mother, the customers will be mothers who acknowledge they are not perfect.

In addition to millenials, companies with relevant products to the content will be contacted for advertising placements. Including but not limited to the following industries:

  • Baby products
  • Health products
  • Beauty products
  • Food products
  • Kitchen products
  • Self-help products
  • Spirituality products

Within the basis of the company strategic alliances will be formed with relevant online-companies including:

  • Mommy entreprenuers
  • Beauty entrepreneurs
  • African-American entrepreneurs

One of the purposes of the company is to support, encourage and ally with fellow entreprenuers over large corporations.

The advisors include personal blogger/vlogger contents with relevant specialities.


The business will be operational February 2016. The office space will be at the founder’s residence. They start-up cost include the procurement of a new desktop computer and new DSRL camera.

All other equipment necessary for the launch of the company is owned by the founder. Prior to launch the founder will create at least 50 pieces of original, compelling content to buffer the starting process of content creation and scheduling.


I am creating this business to be an authenic online friend to other millennials moms. Although the business is formed to earn a living the goal is to be an asset to readers and viewers.

Customers will purchase the products because the company will become an invested friend focused on bettering, helping and encouraging them.

The investors will be within a tight circle of family. They will be invest because the company’s missions/visions/goals are genuine, authentic and powerful. They will invest because the company is focused on long-term monetization.


5sensemom ( this is a interim blog name ) will be initially financed by the owner and owner’s spouse. The initial start-up is low because this is a virtual based business. Eventually with the expansion of the company investments may include personal loans.

The culture of the company is based on honesty. It is based on acceptance and friendliness. It is based on help. Interactions with employees, suppliers and customers will be a reflection of the company’s values.

My personal beliefs are the basis of the company which is why I am invested. My universal beliefs in love, companionship, gratitude and helpfulness will resonate through everything the company produces.


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