MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Country Hill Montessori Modernized Brochure

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2 Stars

Project Summary:

In the previous month’s course, I began to divulge my tremendous affection for Montessori education. This month, continuing with my goal of creating print materials for local businesses, I volunteered at Country Hill Montessori ( Toddler-1st grade education) to re-do their outdated brochure.  I use those words kindly because the Director of Education agreed.

Much like, Renaissance apts, Country Hill prints their brochure in-house. They needed a brochure that was completely grayscale. Unfortunately my printer is down, otherwise I would have scanned a copy of the brochure for a before and after ( which I intend to do in the future).

In the original brochure, the copy takes a very passive approach to writing. Instead of “selling” parents with the brochure, it informs parents of the school’s offerings. In the revised brochure I took a more aggressive approach and included most of the information contained in the original.

Most childcare brochures are in color with lots of photos of children. The photos are the focal and the text surrounds them.  Photos are especially important in a childcare brochure because choosing childcare is a very emotional decision for most parents. Because I was limited to grayscale, I decided to use black and white photos to create a backdrop for the text.

I worked hard to provide facts and present benefits – not just features. The copy was written with the parent in mind and I tried to start each sentence with “You” instead of “we ( presenting the benefit), and followed up with the “we” ( the feature ).

This project was so much fun because I am very passionate about the topic and my son attends the school ( so that made it extra special ; )

Tri-Fold Brochure

Link to Brochure 



I completed this project, last night, so I have not presented it to the school. I am unsure if it is too modern for them, but if they like it, I am going to volunteer to work on their overall all marketing strategy and execution.

This project made me realize how passionate, focused, dedicated and “good” I can be when involved in a topic/industry I love. I’ve spent much of my time at Full Sail trying to figure out how I can mesh the skills I’ve learned with my personal passions and interest. I’ve started researching this niche ( marketing for childcares/schools) because if I can earn a living doing it, that’s what I should be doing!

Unlike the apartment template, which I enjoyed making but was not especially excited about, I couldn’t wait to perfect the brochure I created for Country Hill Montessori. The writing was easier, I felt more confident writing actively and really enjoyed creating the background.


-Lots of Montessori Research

-Brochure Research – one of my favorite articles

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Bridge

-Adobe InDesign


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