MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Apartment Complex Newsletter Template

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2 Stars

Project Summary:

For this month’s portfolio projects, I volunteered at local businesses in my community to revise some of their print materials. Although my major is heavily focused on the online world, I recognized there are still several businesses that need print materials and can benefit from my developed ability to communicate for a brand.

I chose to re-design the community newsletter template for Renaissance Apartments in Citrus Heights, California. There current newsletter is designed by the leasing professionals and they’ve done a good job. As a media student, I noticed some design elements that could be tweaked, as well as, some writing that could be improved.

There current template is not grid-based. In the revision I used grids to make the newsletter easier to read and aesthetic.

They print in-house, so they really wanted to limited the use of color ( save money ) although they didn’t mind a bit of clip art.

Because this is a template, that needs to be customized regularly, I needed to keep things clean and simple, and user-friendly.

I also re-wrote an article, released in their April newsletter, on Swimming rules. The language seemed a bit authoritarian. In the re-write of their articles, I wanted to make sure the tone was friendly, inviting and community-based.

Link to Newsletter



My leasing office loved the template! The only issue, which is a huge learning lesson for me, is that I designed the template in InDesign and they do not have that software. I am going to have to redesign in Word – or figure out a way to convert it- so they can customize it each month.


I researched effective newsletter writing. It was actually difficult to find content that didn’t focus on email newsletters. A community newsletter is made to inform and connect, no necessarily sell. Although it is great marketing for the property.

I used:



Microsoft Free Clipart


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