While studying helping games, think about:

  • How you might create and use helping games,
  • What a helping ARG might look like.

After exploring a helping game prepare a brief reflection post for your MCBS blog. This reflection post does not have a required length or format. It could be a written post, podcast, or video blog post. Whatever the format, simply share your thoughts about the possible uses for the game and your overall feelings about the experience. You are encouraged to add screenshots or video capture to the post even if it is written.

This week for my bonus XP I played a helping game. A helping game is an online game that is created to support a specific cause. I choose to play Free Rice because I could do so on my computer without downloading anything. This game was a lot of fun for me because I got quiz myself. I enjoyed answering English vocabulary questions and thought they were really useful. Completing brain exercises as an adult is important to me. To be able to do so while contributing to world hunger was really satisfying.

On the home page before even signing up, the creator’s let you know exactly how the game works:


The sign up was easy and I completed a few questions during registration. Then I check my email for confirmation and clicked a link that lead me right to the game.


The entire game looks like the photo above. It’s awesome that players can choose from levels 1-60 at will. You don’t have to complete the previous level before continuing. It really simple and quick. I earned 300 grains of rice in about five minutes. There was a player who earned 11400 grains of rice in one sitting


It’s cute how they add grains of rice to your bowl as you add them


You can also easily join groups and check on your friend’s progress.

This was a great experience because I have a better perspective on the usefulness of transmedia and RPGs. Creating a fun experience that supports a specific cause, event or idea is a great way to get exposure. Feeding the hungry while performing a brain exercise was outstanding for me. Considering how many players earned tens of thousands of grains in one sitting says there are many others who feel the same.

For my career this activity expanded my perception of how to achieve a goal. For example, if I were to design a wedding website I could incorporate a game that teaches guests about the couple.

All of the concepts I’ve learned in this course are going to be useful for me in future. I understand how I can create interactive, lively and exciting experiences for participants while achieving business goals. I also learned how I can use thse concepts to create portfolio pieces that are interesting for potential employers to view.


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