GTS WK3 Project: Transmedia Short Story Soft Opening

Today is the Soft Opening of Sonya and ShaneTo learn a little about Sonya and Shane check out these teaser videos, 30 seconds on Sonya and Shane and Another 30 seconds on Sonya and Shane. The show is sweet, relatable and feels real. Sonya and Shane is an interactive romance series where the audiences input determines the decisions the characters make from episode to episode. Very similar to an RPG, Sonya and Shane combines the interactive elements of gaming with a television series. The characters interact with their audience online. They have social media accounts, blogs and businesses for fans to explore.

This project was a lot of fun to create and an excellent way to engage my own story-telling abilities. My project folder has my invoice, story element map, intangible invoice, press release and feedback form. In the final version of this project I would like to expand Shane’s persona. His blog could use more information. I would also like to continue to use the Sonya and Shane Twitter Account. I plan to add a “giveaway” in the form of a treasure hunt. With the feedback I receive from my instructor I’d really like to refine this story and continue to practice transmedia story-telling. I’m really interested in making sure my story elements are cohesive.

This was a blast to create and I can’t wait to refine it.



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