GTS WK3 Analysis: Games Expand Transmedia Worlds

Remember playing Monopoly or Candyland on Tuesday nights with your folks? Maybe not. But you may have seen it done in a movie. Now there are more ways to play games than ever. We can now play games on our computers, phones or tablets. We can even play a real-life version of our favorite tv show. Check out some of the latest gaming options available.

Wikipedia describes console games as a form of “interactive multimedia”.  The transmedia world of Defiance is an excellent example of a console game. Defiance combines a tv show and video game that mixes characters and stories across different media channels.


The video game debuted a couple of weeks before the television show aired.


Mobile games are played on mobile devices like cell phones or tablets. Kim Kardashian currently has a 4.3 star Google Play rated mobile game. Players can use their own photos and interact with their Facebook friends.


Browser games are played over the web. Skrillex, a Grammy-winning DJ, decided to launch a browser-game to promote his latest album, Recess. Skrillex’s fondness for video games influenced his marketing technique. The browser game is fully functional and combines elements from classic games like Zelda.


Collectible card games are played were traditionally played with trading cards. According to Forbes the best collectible online card game is Hearthstone. The game is available on PC, MAC and iPad. It’s described as, “a fast-paced strategy card game for everyone”. After watching a six minute video, players get an idea of how the game works, including the creation, the rules and techniques on playing. The “cards” are digital and collected and traded by players.

Board games are traditionally played in person on a board with multiple players and pieces. AMC’s The Walking Dead  is a wildly popular television show that crosses many platforms. The Walking Dead is available in a board game. The game is based on the show, but does not include every story element of the show. It’s suggested for ages 15+ ( the same as the show). It combines several styles of cards, tokens and badges.


Role-playing games are played in person and electronically. Players perform as a character and interact in a fictitious world. MMORPGs ( massively multiplayer online role-playing games) are a popular form of RPG. With the release of World of Warcraft in 2004, players have been joining millions to interact in immersive worlds online. Final Fantasy is a media franchise that includes RPGs, motion pictures, anime, printed media and other merchandise. With the release of Final

Fantasy XI, players got to chose their characters and interact with others online.


Live-action role playing game are role-playing games where players physically act out the game’s scenarios. Nero Atlanta has chapters all over the United States and uses an online forum to keep members updated. They also send members information through traditional mail. Players can find rules, policies, maps and various documents on their website.


In Cosplay games players wear costumes and accessories to act out their character’s role.

After logging onto, several cosplays across the world appear. Cosplayers can join or create cosplays. They can buy costumes and find out about cosplay events.  Many anime events were listed in the Cosplay events.


Fan Convention is an event set at a specific location and time where fans get together to explore a game, movie, comic, series, actor, etc. On, there was an event called SwampCon. It’s held at the University of Florida. It is a free two-day multi-genre convention that features anime and tabletop and video gaming.


With so many options to choose from, gaming lovers everywhere can interact and socialize with other fanatics. The new gaming options is changing the way media professionals are designing their projects. Creating a cross-platform strategy that includes games is more popular.


After completing this week’s exploration, I have included more intricate and interconnected pieces into my project. My main character, Sonya, is a Librarian who sells homemade paper and pens so I used some QR Codes and Giveaway Hunts to generate traffic to her Etsy page and blog.


Although I am can not create my own game, I may have my main character talk about some games or apps that she likes on her blog.

Sonya’s love interest. Shane, needs a bit more work, as well as some of the media that is going to create the details of the story. I need to record a short podcast by Sonya’s co-worker. I also need to flesh out the anchor site which is not behind the curtain. The anchor medium is a book. I am considering making it into a short series that goes more into Sonya and Shane’s life including marriage, baby…divorce.


Much work to be done, but I am getting closer.



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