The Rabbit Hole

This week for my exploration project I decided to use my husband’s content for the mini-hunt. He is a vocalist so the treasure hunt begins with a QR Code posted to his Tumblr page. I used  four elements including Youtube, His Music Website and Reverb Nation.

This was a great exploration because it helped me understand how I can encourage my audience to participate. I will definitely incorporate the ideas I learned today into my final project for the month. Currently I have a couple skeletal elements so I still have the opportunity to include mini-hunts in my story. I will most likely use these elements to connect each piece to the other.

Sonya and Shane’s online stories are interconnected but the conflict in the story revolves around both characters trying to pretend they don’t like each other. Using some of these hints and codes will help my story because neither character wants to fully engage the other. Sonya would use a code or photo to link to Shane’s content because she know how to make these things but she doesn’t want Shane to think she is writing a lot about him. Sonya will definitely use these techniques to link her Etsy account to her blog.

A sub-character, Justin, is more willing to link to Sonya but doesn’t want to appear to be  a stalker. He is more likely to use the techniques I learned today. He wants to show his interest but in a clever and flirty way.

When the audience becomes engaged ( and hopefully engulfed) in a great story, the best way to reward them is by including them. I love the ideas that this project generated. I can’t wait to work on my story: Sonya and Shane. – I switched the title to have her name first-  


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