GTS: WK 2 Practice 2

So this week I started To develop some of the main characters of my short story. Shane McDaniels and Sonya Cooper needed online accounts to begin my transmedia story.

Shane MacDaniels email address is I used his email account to create his social media profiles. The most important was Pinterest. Shane uses Pinterest to channel readers to his blog. Shane is a amateur chef hoping to gain the popularity of Rachel Ray. He has a blog called Shane’s Irish Pub, which is currently Under Construction, that showcases some of the delicious menus and meals he’s created. Shane isn’t ready to take the risk but he would love to own an upscale Irish Pub with inspired food and cocktails.

Shane, as well as Sonya,  will also have a Glide account which has not been created.

Each blog and social media account has the interests of each character. Shane follows food and dessert blogs. His blog is under construction but the template is for an Irish Pub. Sonya’s blog is personal but she also has book reviews. It’s a throwback to original blogs which functioned as online diaries. Sonya also has an Esty account. She hasn’t added any of her items for sale but intends to sale Handmade Paper and decorative pens.

The other character that needs a social media account is Sonya’s coworker, Justin Facebook has his personal information. His post talk about his podcast: JD Literary and he will eventually talk about his crush on Sonya.

The above characters are the main characters. There may be additional characters introduced as the story progresses.

Sonya can be emailed at:


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