Transmedia Short Story Element Map

For my short story, Shane and Sonya, I wanted viewers to be personally invested in my characters. I choose to highlight topics that many viewers are interested. Sonya creates handmade paper that is available for sale on Etsy. She created a Powtoon to advertise her products: handmade paper and decorative pens.  Sonya also has a “throwback” blog which simply talks about the things that happen in her life. She’s talks about various topics but mainly: what’s happening in her life, paper, d-i-y projects and books. She written some book reviews. Shane looks cooking and has fantasies about becoming an internet chef. Although he is currently a computer technician, he spends a lot of time on his blog which he hopes to become a second career. Shane uses Pinterest to bring traffic to his blog. He talks a little about his personal life to make a connection with his audience. He cooks many traditional Irish dishes because he is very proud of his heritage. Sonya and Shane glide each other after they have a very personal experience. An important minor character is Justin, who is Sonya’s co-worker. He really likes Sonya and talks about her on Facebook. He also has a podcast which talks about the latest in literary news. A website about crazy exes add an important element to the story. Sonya and Shane develop a relationship because Shane saves Sonya when a crazy ex-boyfriend attacks her after work. Her exes police report and wrap sheet appears on the website about exes as well as a link to Sonya’s blog. 


Here is a link to the folder that contains my Story Element Map and the Timeline


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