GTS Week 2 Practice A,

I am really proud of the work that I did this week for my Transmedia story. The grade I am giving myself is a B+. It would be an A if I included some of the supporting characters. The story would have been more dynamic. To improve on this project I would include my own video or maybe a short presentation. I would definitely extend the drama. The drama between the fox and the gingerbread man was fun. I’d definitely write out some excerpts for the “books” that I created. That would be really fun to include in this story. I would refine the visuals. I’d love to spend more time developing each character, individually and more thoroughly, to match the visuals to their personalities. I’d also probably draw my own fox. I loved the Gingerbread Man vector I found  but the goofy smile on the fox’s face didn’t match his personality. 


Overall this project was successful considering the time I spent on it. 


This week I’ve decided to create a romantic drama short story.


Sonya Cooper is a glasses-wearing young librarian from the small town of Wimberly, TX. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Shane Mc-Daniels, a red-headed stalky computer tech from Austin, Tx with a passion for cookery.

Shane is originally from Wimberly and comes home to visit often. Sonya takes an instant disliking to Shane whose attitude can sometimes appear cocky and inconsiderate.

 However, when a jealous ex tries to attack Sonya, Shane springs to the rescue. Sonya begins to notice that Shane is actually rather intuitive at heart.

But, the pressure of Shane’s job leaves him blind to Sonya’s affections.

Finally, when tactless co-worker, Justin Davis, threatens to come between them, Shane has to act fast. But will they ever find the sensational love that they deserve?


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