TS WK1 Project: Transmedia Fairy Tale

This week was so much fun. I really enjoyed jumping into the elements of story-telling. I learned a lot about the freedom of transmedia story-telling.  It’s takes focused creativity. The story I decided to recreate was the Gingerbread Man. 


My story begins on the News Tab of the GB ( Gingerbread) Man’s website. This is his blog tab where all of the pieces that are available through other medium are posted. From the first post to the last, the reader’s are able to see screen shots of Twitter message, emails, text messages and even listen to voicemails and phone conversations. There are other post where viewers are involved in the content.


In my story, The Gingerbread Man escapes the fox and continues taunting people and animals being chased all over the world. He begins tweeting and readers are confused because they thought he was dead. After becoming popular a company called Fairies and Tales Media contacts the GB Man for a two-book deal. The media director, Andrea Michaels take personal care in the partnership and acts as a liason between the GB Man and the other characters of the story. 


After promoting his second book, The Fox Never Caught Me, the Sly Fox resurfaces and accuses the GB Man of being an imposter. 


The Key Characters are:

The GB Man

The Sly Fox 

The Little Ole Woman

and- Andrea Michaels of Fairies and Tales Media.


I am very pleased with the story I developed and I tried to create exciting conflict. After reading Andrea Phillips book Transmedia Storytelling and feeling so inspired, I created a tribute character in Andrea Michaels. I would definitely revise this story and include the other characters: the pig, the duck, the lamb and the little ole man. I would likely expand the mediums used to include Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc for the other characters. I am very excited to continue learning in this course and can not wait to hear feedback about my first transmedia story.


Assets Folder 



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