GTS Week 1 Practice A

This week’s project is a big one! Creating a transmedia presentation encompasses many pieces. In my  Project Management  course, I learned about a-lotting specific increments of time for each piece of the project. Planning and assessing the project before beginning to work was a major consideration. Creating a visual timeline was the my favorite skill I learned because it helped me visualize the pieces without feeling intimidated by all the parts. Defining the goals of the project was another skill I learned that really helped me. Creating a visually appealing project proposal and timeline was helpful for me because I am very visual. If the proposal had been dense text I would feel overwhelmed. 

Large projects, or projects with many pieces are a lot to handle, especially for one person. Project Management taught me that properly assessing the goals and requirements of project determine how successful a project is. Without defined goals and definitions for success a project can get out of hand. This week I am going to spend nearly a quarter of my time defining my goals and steps for creating my content. I do not want to waste valuable time “winging” it. 


I am really excited to execute my plan and can’t wait to assess my performance. 


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