WK 1 Exploration: Brainstorming the TMFT

To start our new course on Gaming and Transmedia, we were instructed to create a transmedia story about a classic children’s tale. I chose the Gingerbread Man because I’ve always enjoyed the moral behind this story- Bragging can distract you from what’s really important- For this poor little Gingerbread it was a fatal mistake. The story that I’ve created gives the perfect setting for a sequel. What if the Gingerbread man didn’t get eaten by the fox? How long could we continue the adventure, and near-death experiences for the Gingerbread man?

Games and Transmedia_ WK 1 Exploration


I used a lot of the tips and transmedia lingo I learned from this article. I really tried to imagine how can I get people involved in this story. What are ways that the characters could interact? The story’s main medium would be printed book(s). Once again, in this re-imagination there would be a series of books that include the Gingerbread man’s adventures and the lessons he learns along the way. The sequels would include some of the feedback received online through the various mediums. 


The main characters are:


The Gingerbread Man:

#1) Instagram

Instagram Name: GBMan 

The Gingerbread man would have funny photos of the various animals chasing after him in mid-action. They would likely be cartoons and not actual animals, but they would be funny and well animated. He would also create antagonizing memes about his adventures. He’d post selfies and generally portray a very self-confident and arrogant character. 


As more books are added to the series and the GBMan evolves he would create a 


#2) Blog

Name: “Adventures of the GBMan”

URL: Gbman.com

This blog would show the evolution and development of maturity of the GB Man. As the series comes to a close the GBMan’s blog post are going to reflect a character that has learned his lesson. Children’s tales always have meaningful lessons that sometimes gets overlooked because of the crafty stories that disguise them. The GBMan’s blog would expose the lesson over time.


#3) Play-dough

The GB Man would license his name and liking to Play-dough for a Build Your Own Kit, exclusively available online through his blog. 


The Little Old Woman ( and her hubby):


#1) E-Cookbook

Name: “Everything But the Gingerbread Man. 25 Gingerbread recipes that won’t run away” 

The little old woman would design 25 gingerbread recipes including cupcakes, pancakes, cornbreads, cakes, pies, etc and the book would not include a gingerbread recipe. 


#2) Youtube Cooking Videos

To promote her book the Little Old Woman would create a short cooking series and include some of the recipes from her book. 


The Fox


#1) Podcast

Name: Outsmart the “Smart”

#2) Short E-Book

Name: Outsmart the “Smart”


The fox would create a series of tips and advice on how to win in difficult or impossible situations. Although the premise of this transmedia story is that the Gingerbread gets away, the Fox would still capitalize on being the first to nearly outsmart the evasive Gingerbread man. 


The supporting cast includes:


The Duck, Pig and Sheep: 


#1) Ning Network

The supporting characters would create Ning Network ( or Facebook Fan Page) where they post and encourage others to post stories about almost catching the Gingerbread man. They would also include Gingerbread man sightings and tips on how to catch that cookie. 



Although I have a game listed in the photo above, I decided not to include that in the 6 day timeline because I believe that would be unrealistic. 



6 Day Project Timeline

Day 1: Design assets including GBMan’s Instagram Animations, Cover for Fox’s Book and The Little Old Ladies Book. Source material for each book. Hire someone for the voice of the Fox. Buy Playdough

Day 2: Write Fox’s Book  and the Little Old Ladies Book. Writes post for the Ning Network. Brainstorm set for Old Lady Youtube Videos. 

Day 3: Finalize and publish books. Design GBMan’s Memes, create playdough prototype

Day 4: Create GB Man’s blog. Open Instagram account. Record a few episodes of the podcasts

Day 5: Create landing pages for e-cookbook, how-to book and playdough set. 

Day 6: Post Youtube Cooking videos ( link to e-cookbook), publish first blog posts and market on Instagram, publish Ning Network ( Catch that Cookie), publish podcasts and e-book. 


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