Reflection: Project Revision

My first attempt at the Soft Launch was very messy and unorganized. 



I revised my Soft Launch




I decided to:


1) Clean it Up:


Much like I did for my portfolio site I decided to follow the template placeholders and personalize them so that I can continue to gain an understanding of web design.


2) Rewrite the Copy:

Ms. Wray said I was the only person she can think of that wrote the copy in third person instead of first. I decided to not stand out and write the new copy in first person. I tried to imagine the life of Archer Ray and why he would end up running this kind of business


3) Organize my Content Logically


I re-evaluated how I phrased my content as well as the page names. I really wanted the site to be simple, personably and easy to navigate.


This is the revised version of the Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express website. It’s not quite ready for my portfolio but this is a great prototype to work on throughout school. I am going to download some of the other business content to add to my portfolio as well. 



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