Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback


Hi Corey,


I want to start by acknowledging your professionalism and enthusiasm. It’s very admirable and encouraging to read your posts in Mightybells. 


I am very happy that you connected your personal domain to your portfolio website. It makes the site appear more professional and also makes you appear invested in it. I decided against associating my domain because I wasn’t the happiest with the end result. I also really like how your name highlights to the color green when the mouse hovers over it.  It a great additional way of getting to your home page. 


With all your portfolio projects being videos my assumption is that they are your specialty. I understand if they are placeholders for other projects you are working on. Also on your About page you highlight your specific interest with the blue colored font, have you considered an underline or bold because the rest of the site seems to intentionally lack color. I understand if that encouraged your decision to highlight those words with blue. 


I noticed on the About page the copy surrounding the photo is noticeably larger and than it drastically decreases in size. Have you considered a more subtle transition such as only having the word: HOWDY in a larger size. You could also change the size of the word “the” in the sentence ” the european nations…” so that the entire line is the same font size. 


I like that you included the Skills tab under the Resume tab, this is something I would consider using in my own site, but perhaps you could include more resume information. Although you may not currently have media experience I would include the same resume you intend to use when getting your first media job.


You did a wonderful job and I definitely get a feel for who you are as a person as well as professional. It would be nice to see some military photos considering that is a big part of who you are. I wish you the best and hope that my critique helped you.


Best of luck,


Britney Lawrence Spears  






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