Week 3: Portfolio Skeleton


After a semi disastrous Soft Launch, I decided to stick with the template elements and customize them until I get a better grasp of the layout and structure of good web design. In the future I would definitely like to change the colors of my portfolio to lavender, gray and hints of red, but I wanted to focus more on content. Here is my Portfolio Skeleton. 



I felt confident in my understanding of the MCBS public-facing portfolio requirements. I am going to continue to work on this portfolio site through graduation until it meets my standards. I used WIX again, but I may redesign this site through WordPress. The best part of this assignment was designing my brand. Now that I’ve done this project I have a great idea of what I would like my professional portfolio site to contain and the image I want to present. This was an incredible experience. 

I used one of my MCPP course projects. I submitted 2 2-star projects which were approved. They were a CD cover and Website for my husband who is a vocalist. I included the CD cover design and a poster design in my portfolio. I branded myself as a celebration designer so that I can include many elements of my design experience in my portfolio. 

My resume page is my favorite visually. My actual design experience is not included so that’s an issue, but I enjoy how easy the resume page is to read. 

My about page definitely needs more work. I like the copy but visually it doesn’t align with what I was trying to convey. It does not look conversational. 

I am proud of what I created but I do not intend to market this site. This site will function as my “sketch” or skeleton as I work on my portfolio projects and actual professional portfolio. This was definitely my favorite project so far. 


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