WK 3 Practice: Portfolio Inventory

I used several questions found on BeckyDavisDesigns because they are so thorough. As a client I would want to fill this form out. Because I am a student, I didn’t mind “borrowing” her questions.  Before publishing my own questionnaire for clients I will have more experience and insight to customize my questionnaire. Currently I do not feel that I have enough experience to ask the right questions without referencing active professionals.  I researched several web design questionnaires as well as the book,  Web Design for Dummies Planning section. I really enjoyed how clearly Becky worded her questions. For this assignment I just couldn’t help wanting to answer all of her questions in order to complete my own portfolio website.  



My questions and answers are below:


I am not going to include my personal information ( address, email, etc) but I understand they would be a necessity for a real client. 


Web Address:

Answer: BritneyLSpears.com


Do you have written content?

Answer: Yes


Please give a brief overview of the company, what do you do or produce?

Answer: I produce content and strategize  for bridal, beauty and lifestyle brands. 

What is the purpose of this site?

Answer: Explain my products or services

Do I have a time frame or deadline to get this site online?

Answer: 4 days

How much am I willing to spend?

Answer: $10-$15 ( domain name)

Describe my potential customers/clients?

Answer: beauty, bridal and lifestyle magazines, brands, pr firms and planning and event firms

What problems am I solving for my customers/clients?

Answer: relevant content quickly and professionally.

What action(s) should my user perform while or after visiting my site?

Answer: Call me or fill out a contact form 

Make a list of all the sections/pages I think I’ll need: 

Answer: About, Resume, Portfolio, Skills, Blog ( most likely linked)

Do I have the written content and images/photographs for these pages?

Answer: yes

How do I want ( visitors) to feel about the site?

Answer: interested, thought-provoked, inspired

Are there corporate colors, logos, fonts, etc. that should be incorporated?

Answer: yes

Is there already a logo, are you going to need one designed?

Answer: yes, redesigned

Is there a specific look and feel you have in mind? 

Answer: simple, tasteful, artistic, beautiful

Please include at least 3 links of site of your competition? What do you like and don’t about them. What would you like differently or better?


lover.ly : I love the domain name. It’s great and unique. I enjoy the images. Because it is ” the new way to plan your wedding” I am not particularly fond of the layout. I am unsure how to use the site. I don’t know what they offer. 

beinspiredpr.com: I adore the collage and the color scheme is nice ( although not my style).  I do not like the cliche elements on the site although I understand why they are included because the company is trying to appeal to large corporations. 


idopr.com I enjoy the simplicity of this site. Especially the home page. This is definitely my favorite site because it feels succinct, uses white space well, is easy to update. I also feel like I would get the most professional service from this company. 


List up to 3 additional sites, they do not have to be related to my business:

themiddlefingerproject.com I really enjoy her page titles such as : “what is this place” ( about) or “unconventional ideas” (blog). I enjoy how the language is very direct and confrontational. It tells a real story about the business and its philosophy.

poetpainter.com I really enjoy the sincerity of this site.  The site almost instantly gives an “expert” feel which is great for the web. His pages are simple and minimal, even though he has vast amounts of work he could show. It’s tasteful and makes you want to hire him. 

How do people find out about my business right now?

Answer: They don’t. I am not currently in business

How do I plan to market your site?

Answer: Word of mouth, networking, professional organizations and events

Do you have any social network accounts setup?

Answer: Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn

Do you want to link those accounts to your site?

Answer: Yes, maybe not Instagram yet.

Will you build your mailing list and use it for advertising?

Answer: absolutely

Do you have printed materials ( business cards, catalogs, etc)

Answer: No, they need to be redesigned

If someone was searching for your product/services, what types of words might they use?


Wedding, Beauty, Lifestyle PR, Wedding, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger, Wedding Planning, Event Planning

Do you already own a domain name?

Answer: No

Do you have a hosting account already?

Answer: No

Will there be sections that need regular updating? Which ones?

Answer: Blog. After the initial launch, I will go back and take careful time creating each page, but after they are finalized the Portfolio will be updated as I create content. My resume will be updated in the same fashion. The blog will be updated regularly to develop my professional identity. 

Would I like to do most of the updating myself?

Answer: Yes




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