Week 3: Digging Deeper

This week is very exciting because we are going to design our online portfolios.


To better define the goals of my portfolio, I read 3 articles and watched 1 film from the WDC ( Web Design and Communications Course at Full Sail University) Diigo Collection.

Article #1: The Basics of a Great Online Portfolio


The first article gave thorough instructions on how to create a successful online portfolio. I determined that my portfolio’s goal is to build my reputation, after reading the tip. Currently my online presence needs development and consistency.


Sean Hodge, author of the article, expertly advised to target a very specific audience with the portfolio pieces I include. As a “web person” I hadn’t considered multiple portfolios for my different skills, experience and services. He furthered suggested limiting the content to my very best pieces. Good is not going to cut it.


Article #2: Ernest Hemingway’s Writing Advice


After learning about the basics of good and bad portfolios, I read a piece that was linked in the first article. Ernest Hemingway was an amazing author and his very best skill was writing clearly. He only wrote what was necessary. The article, from Copyblogger, gave excellent advice and I will design a poster for my office with each tip.


There were four tips ( a fifth fluff tip is included simply because web writers love the number 5). The advice that gave me the most trouble was number three: Use Vigorous English. I asked my husband, the English grad, to clarify and he concluded the meaning to be:


be aggressive with your language and don’t b.s.  

I liked this conclusion so I’ll have to practice.


Article 3:  AWESOME free stock photos


The word “awesome” is in ALLCAPS because that’s how awesome the article was. I bookmarked every site listed and will likely use the photo below in the mood board for my portfolio


Unsplash is the best thing to happen to me since Christopher Gimmer wrote this article. This site as well as the photo I procured (above) are some the my inspirations for my portfolio.


VIDEO: Mood Boards


The last gem I discovered was a video by Amy Lamp about mood boards. In a little over 6 minutes she gave me an excellent oversight of the purpose and methods of construction for mood boards. I am going to make a mood board for my portfolio and will likely use a template style instead of collage. I enjoy the clarity of thought I obtain from templates. I really enjoyed how she included mood boards side-by-side to finished products. Her examples were websites and they really showed the usefulness. In the future I can see how showing clients a mood board is time-efficient. Completing a mock-up before nailing the “feel” of a website (or other product) could equate to wasted time.


I’m sorry to leave with boring words like “equate” but I’m no Hemmingway yet.


Best of luck to all- Britney


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