Week 2 Analysis: User Behavior

The Business:

Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express


List of Potential Questions/Tasks of the Ideal Site Visitor:


  1.  Are they interested in additional services ( catering, large orders, birthday parties)
  2. Are they active on social media sites especially Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram?
  3. Are they local?
  4. Do they have a favorite flavor?
  5. How often do they patronized HM Cupcake Express?
  6. Are they visiting based on recommendation?
  7. Have they visited HM Cupcake Express?
  8. Do they have children? How old?
  9. Do they have any major events coming up? Wedding, Baby Shower, Large Birthday Party?
  10. Do they have diet restrictions?


The proposed strategy addresses many of the questions//tasks I came up with. Determining if customers are local and designing a strategy for understanding customers likes/dislikes and needs are gaps I’ve identified. Designing a quick survey with an incentive that asks about favorite flavors, diet restrictions and how often customers patronized Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express is needed.

Understanding the customers dietary needs could potentially be a great way for Holy Magdalena to cater to their customers. Having a small selection of cupcakes that caters to dietary restrictions such as low sugar, low fat has tremendous potential. HM Cupcake Express already has gluten-free options and determining if adding additional diet restrictive products is worth the time.


Also communicating the other services that are available such as special events catering, or having the actual truck at the event. Large orders and special deliveries. Having a place on the website that gives ideas on other ways customers can use Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express is important.

The site mock-up needs to have a survey and incentive. The simplicity of the site which includes an additional services tab as well as different ways to connect with the business on social media including a direct Twitter feed on the home page.  

Providing customers with immediate information about the location of the truck is priority. The Twitter feed on the homepage is a great way to do this easily. Also having a schedule located on the homepage or second page (depending on the other information on the home page). Finding out if customers are local is essential because the business is dependent upon loyal local customers.

Including a page that doesn’t  necessarily convey information about services but expresses Holy Magdalena’s story and child-friendly/adult-friendly theme is an important takeaway from this exercise.


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