Week 1 Project: Proposal & Wireframe

Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express is a food truck with a relatable story. Many parents are choosing to design their careers around the necessities of their children and father, Archer Ray, is a great example. After teaching himself to bake tasty treats, during daughter, Magdalena’s, nap time, Archer decided to start a business. To stay connected with customers and provide a daily schedule for them to reference, a website that’s easy to use and great to look at is needed.



1) A site that differentiates Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express from the dozens of pink and feminine cupcake trucks and websites.

2) A site that tells Archer’s personal story quickly. When customers look on the website we want them to instantly get an idea of the story behind Holy Magdalena.



Cupcake truck websites only need to do a few things:

1)They need to let customers know where the truck will be and at what time.

2)They also need to showcase the goodies in the most enticing way possible.

3)Lastly they need to let customers know about any other services that are offered and how to get more information about those services.

The brand behind Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express is different because there is a masculine element that most other cupcake businesses does not have. Using that element to differentiate Holy Magdalena from other trucks is an important part of the website.




Approximate total cost: $2000-$2300



1. Discovery and Planning: 1 Week

2. Design: 2 Weeks

3. Content Writing and Assembly: 1 Weeks

4. Development and programming: 2 Weeks

5. Beta testing and review: 1 Weeks

6. Site launch: 1 day ( upon approval)

7. Maintenance and Enhancement: ongoing

Next Steps:

Once this proposal is approved the first stage ( Discovery and Planning) begins. We guarantee that your website will be live with 8 weeks. Below is a wireframe based on preliminary research of Holy Magdalena and competitors websites.



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