Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback

  Hi Corey,   I want to start by acknowledging your professionalism and enthusiasm. It’s very admirable and encouraging to read your posts in Mightybells.    I am very happy that you connected your personal domain to your portfolio website. It makes the site appear more professional and also makes you appear invested in it. I decided […]

Week 3: Portfolio Skeleton

  After a semi disastrous Soft Launch, I decided to stick with the template elements and customize them until I get a better grasp of the layout and structure of good web design. In the future I would definitely like to change the colors of my portfolio to lavender, gray and hints of red, but I […]

WK 3 Practice: Portfolio Inventory

I used several questions found on BeckyDavisDesigns because they are so thorough. As a client I would want to fill this form out. Because I am a student, I didn’t mind “borrowing” her questions.  Before publishing my own questionnaire for clients I will have more experience and insight to customize my questionnaire. Currently I do not feel that […]