DAA- Week 4 Review

Hi Delroy,


I was really excited to review your final project because I was so impressed with your other posts on Mightybell. I read your post on the improvements you made this week, and I agree that the level of the music and the mix you did, eliminated any humming. I listened with my headphones several times and did not notice a hum at all.


For this week’s project, I liked what you did with the music, I thought it really met the intensity of the visuals and when I only listened to the audio the music made the dialogue more interesting.

I couldn’t really determine if you used any FX, with the exception of the explosion sound at the end. Are there FX sounds other than the ending explosion? And if so, did you intentionally make them subtle?


I enjoy the explosion sound but when I listened to it with the visuals it seems like it might need some tweaking. I think it could be timed with the reveal of ending words “natural rehydration” and may be shortened. I also would like if the echo at the end on your DIA track could be a tad more subtle. The effects you used on your voice in the beginning and middle are really nice and the echo at the end was a bit distracting for me. I’m normally for more subtle effects so this advice may not be the best if you wanted something more noticeable. If you did include sound effects I would have liked to hear them better. If you did not, I understand because the music and the effects on the DIA are interesting.

Because I watched this particular video in DVE from the Lynda.com tutorials, I like that you made it your own. Your dialogue and voice were my favorite part. I think you spoke very clearly, slowly and at the right intonation. For this last edit I would work on the final explosion sound and tweak it a little bit to enhance the natural rehydration visuals more. You did an excellent job on this project as well as your other projects for this class. I hope as I continue at Full Sail my work reaches the quality of yours. Great Job.


Yours Truly,



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