WK4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback

Hi Delroy,

I really enjoyed your video it was very serene and calm and likely an indication of the kind of person you are. What struck me about your video was how well you shot your surroundings. You were steady and filmed them at great speeds that allowed me to actually get a great glimpse of the park. It made me want to revisit my own video to add more variety to the ways I took my shots. With the varying signs you showed I wasn’t sure   if you were showing the same park or different locations in your city. Have you considered adding a few words about what you like the most about the park(s)? You might want to add  a short sentence  summing up the best qualities of the park. Perhaps you could add more emphasis about exactly what you like most about the park. The scenery is gorgeous but is there a specific area or spot that you frequent because it’s the most peaceful? You could  definitely use this footage as advertising for the park because you  captured the essence so well. Great job Delroy.


( I was unable to link Delroy’s video in time because I couldn’t get the original link, although I was able to view his video). 


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