MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Gen-Me Project Kickstart Proposal

Star Rating Sought:


Project Description:

I revised a proposal I submitted in Technical Writing ( Feb 2014). The assignment had very specific directions which I followed. I revised the proposal for a Kickstarter campaign because the project is better fit for crowd-funding over angel investing.

The Gen-Me Project is a subscription-based website designed to deliver customized and comprehensive career planning for Millennials. Millennials are men and women ages 34 and under ( as of 2014). I addressed issues that specifically concern Millenials as well as completed an outline of the website’s content and services.

Link to Deliverable:


The original proposal

The revised proposal

Feedback Received:

My original concept was difficult to understand because I also wanted to help Baby Boomers adjust to Mellinials. Upon the revision I decided to solely focus on Millennials and save the Baby Boomer idea for a seperate website. I received good feedback about the original layout. My qualifications and research sections were insufficient and still need continued revisions and work.

Resources Utilized:

I used Adobe Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Pages, Google Docs and to complete my revisions.


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