MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Full Sail Media Communications Backgrounder


Star Rating Sought:

1 star approval


Project Description:

The project was to redesign and rewrite the Media Communications Program backgrounder. It was originally submitted in Introduction to Media Communications and Technologies. 

Objective #1: Research components and examples of backgrounders

Outcome: I researched for about an hour. I looked at various websites including the following:


I learned what should be in a backgrounder. I also learned that I could include more information than in my original document. 


Objective #2: Improve the visual design

Outcome: My original backgrounder attempted to be visually interested, but the graphic components took valuable space from the important information. In the new backgrounder the information ( words ) take most of the space while leaving an aesthethic amount of white space. 


Link to Deliverable:

Link to  Original Backgrounder


Link to New Backgrounder


Feedback Received:

My instructor from Intro to Media Communications and Technologies suggested improving the visual components. 

Resources Utilized:

I used my Macbook to take a screen shot of the Full Sail.

I designed the document in Google docs.


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