AET Week 4 Peer Review

Hi Benjamin!


I am so impressed with your ad. I didn’t get a chance to check out your previous ads until today, but your final project shows tremendous improvement and skill. Your ad design is very effective in creating interest. This ad really made me want to know what product you’re advertising for. It definitely made me want to completely redesign my own ad. With this week’s focus being color I really enjoy all of the colors you used in your ad. The blending of the pixels and the end into the background is pretty seamless and I can only imagine how much more seamless it could be as we continue gaining experience and skills. I really think this might be a project to consider adding to your portfolio project, it looks incredibly professional. I also think you made an excellent font choice. The size and kerning is great. The eye color looks like it is apart of the ocean water, was that intentional? If not you got lucky! I really enjoy the slogan, “open your mind” I believe that the images of the eyeball and the open water are direct images. Have you considered giving the advertisement a product name, maybe in the right corner. I can understand that because the product doesn’t come out for a long time ( ever, lol)  that you might be trying to create suspense, which is great. A web address might be a great call to action and it would be even more impressive if that website lead to an interactive game or quiz and also did not reveal the product. Suspense is great. Perhaps you can refine your design by blending the pixels in the left side ( the water) more. I think the turquoise or aqua is standing out a little too much. The sky is so seamlessly blended, I would also like to see the water blended a little more. It is extremely hard to critique your ad because I think it is the best I have seen in the class, especially for this week. Great job.



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