AET Week 4 Peer Review

Hi Benjamin!   I am so impressed with your ad. I didn’t get a chance to check out your previous ads until today, but your final project shows tremendous improvement and skill. Your ad design is very effective in creating interest. This ad really made me want to know what product you’re advertising for. It […]

Week 4 AET Jumpstart

I don’t really watch much television, other than Special Agent Oso, but I have been known to partake on a late night Scandal binge. Olivia Pope is crisis management lawyer and she is one of the few television characters that can get away with an autocratic leadership style.  She can be caring towards others but […]

AET Week 3 Exploration

This is the movie poster for a new Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese film that comes out on Christmas 2013. The color palette consists mainly of blue and yellow which are primary colors. There are accents of red which complete a triadic  combination. The hues that were chosen have a rich value and are complimented […]