AET WK1 Exploration

Visceral Ad: Glide Razors

This ad is very attractive because it uses eye-catching colors: magenta, yellow and green. It also uses extra simple and provocative imagery: cucumber, a shadow and simple star shape. The image uses negative space perfectly which is extremely visually appealing.

The words, “most young women prefer clean shaven men” mixed with the cucumber imagery appeals to the pre-subconscious sexual needs of men.

Behavioral Ad: FamCare

This behavioral ad is a simple. It shows how using their products/service will change your behaviors or enable you to perform more beneficial behaviors. It appeals to a basic want in life: health and wellness.

Reflective Ad: Reflex Spray

Reflex spray appeals directly to a specific customer: an NYC marathon runner. Through the imagery they provoke the user’s mind to return to previous marathons where Reflex spray could have made their experience more enjoyable.


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