WK4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

( For the 4th Week of my New Media Tools course, I performed a peer evaluation of a classmates digital story)


Dear Ben,


Your story is straight-forward ( much like last month) which tells me that this is your storytelling style.

I enjoy it.

Sometimes within creative projects, the author can throw in so many metaphors and dramatic (or funny) effects that it can distract the listener/reader from the story. You’ve figured out a way to tell your story, while keeping people interested and focused. Well done.

I loved the length of your video. I tried for hours to shorten my story ( around 2:31) and I couldn’t edit it enough.

You’ve also done a great job of sticking to a narrative and committing to it. I love all your facial movements and also the dark lighting in the background really complemented the video well. The audio is extremely clear and you did a very good job speaking clearing and at a great pace.

Have you considered expanding your story transitions ( because of that ) to something less repetitive and “telling” of the story spine? I think it would add a little extra interest to your personal story. Also,  adding something extra to the visual transitions would be a nice addition.

I really enjoy the structure of visuals ( the face movement), but have you considered adding a few still shots to switch it up slightly. Eventually when we have the skill ( or maybe you do) a little stop-motion of your mouth moving or eye-blinking might be nice in this video.

I noticed that you mentioned being an avant-garde film-maker and I sort of know what that is, but maybe some short examples within your video would be nice to clarify what your particular style is.

Overall it was difficult to give you feedback because I thought your story was personal, engaging and relatable.

I enjoyed the style of the video and also the simplicity. I really hope you continue to stick to your personal style and expand it to further exemplify your visions.

Well done and I look forward to evaluating some of your next projects.



P.S. Please let me know if you want me to take this video down after it’s been graded ( britney.deona.spears@gmail.com).


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