AET WK1 Exploration

Visceral Ad: Glide Razors This ad is very attractive because it uses eye-catching colors: magenta, yellow and green. It also uses extra simple and provocative imagery: cucumber, a shadow and simple star shape. The image uses negative space perfectly which is extremely visually appealing. The words, “most young women prefer clean shaven men” mixed with the […]

WK4: Jumpstart

UpandRunningwithPhotoshopCS6_CertificateOfCompletion   This was a nice tutorial because I did not really know the difference between Photoshop CS5.5 and CS6. I really enjoyed the “fine art” tutorial because I have never done a project like that before. The technique is something I am going to incorporate into my work.

WK3 Exploration: Voice Over

Better Late than never. This week’s exercise included reciting Charles Dickens’ Intro to Tale of Two Cities. We were not supposed to practice ( I cheated a little because I mutilated the words, “epoch” and “icredulity” until I heard them pronounced). Then we were suppose to recite ( I sang a little ) the Alphabet […]