Should We Remind Viewers?


I want to make photos gorgeous.

I want to make them sexy.

I want to make them provocative.

I’ve always loved the glossy photos of Glamour, Vogue, InSyle, Cosmopolitan. These magazines contain some of the  shiniest, most perfect human specimens that many people have ever “seen”.  As of late most people know that photo manipulation is the only way these beautiful models look as perfect as they do.

The problem is that when a lot of men and women look at these photos they tend to disregard the manipulation, even though they know it’s there. They still think that models are perfect.

In order to rid myself of the guilt, I thought maybe I should put warning labels on my work. Something small, kind of like the old labels on cigarette cartons. From low, moderate to heavy manipulation labels, all of my work would have a reminder.

Maybe to help society understand the art in what we do, we need to remind them that often times what they are seeing isn’t real.



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