Jade A. Foo: Inspiration


I’m unsure if muse is the right word, but Jade Foo really inspires me to follow my goals! Currently I don’t have permission to show her fabulous work, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, the link will lead you to her pieces.

She  is an illustrator, retouch-er and graphic designer.

Her illustrations are my favorite: http://jadefoo.com/filter/illustration

They are very feminine and soft. Gentle and water-painted.

Her designs and retouches are glossy, saturated and showcase picture perfect models and scenery.

Graphic design can feel very technical and practical. Sometimes I feel like it shuns the little girl inside of me that used to love drawing “Bratz” like figures before there were Bratz. I’d spend hours skimming through my mother’s fashion sketching and design books, knowing that fashion design was not quite for me but someday I wanted to incorporate the emphasis on beauty in my own work.

Feminine, girly, sophisticated, fun, bubbly: These are probably the words that will best describe my work and occasionally I feel self-conscious about that. It seems like I potentially won’t be taken seriously, then I find a gem like Jade Foo that reminds me that you can be a designer and cater to your ladylike interest.

Thanks Jade A. Foo for being such an incredible inspiration.

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