How Do You Use Feedly?

In learning the different aspects of media communications I need to read blogs and websites again. It has been a very long time since I’ve done this and before it wasn’t media communications. Knowledge bridges the gap between success and failure.  Here is a screenshot of my Feedly account which I will visit daily to learn more about story-telling, media, pop culture…Do you use Feedly or another reader? How? I’ve highlighted 3 ( actually 4) blogs. Image

The first is TedTalks. The audio and visual feeds have the best affect on how I absorb information. I love TedTalks and every time I watch one I feel so inspired and I feel that I look at things from a new perspective.

The second blog I decided to highlight is Underwire. This is the brain child of Wired that focuses more on popular culture. In my quest towards understanding communication and story-telling I realize that popular culture dictates what many people believe, think and feel. That’s why it’s popular.

Lastly I adore Mashable. I’ve never subscribed to them before, but I was so refreshed when I realized that had several specialized blog feeds. I decided to subscribe to social media, starts-up, business,entertainment and tech. That’s all for my Feedly, for now. Please tell me about yours.

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