Do Your Friends Inspire You


Some friends of mine got together and created an online magazine:


I was checking it out and was very inspired because all of these people have other full-time jobs, some of which are not even art related. They just share a common interest in fashion and art. I started pondering about the people I usually have around me and the people I tend to attract.

Now I can honestly say that I attract and spend time with like minded people but this is very recent for me. A few years ago I was working just to be working and driving myself crazy because I felt like I had no direction.

I had many interests: fashion, business, art, graphic design, planning, but I felt shackled by my interests.

If I chose this one, what about that one. What if I pick and then don’t like it. Wasted money, time….blah blah blah

Eventually it got to the point where I was about to be a mother and could not imagine raising my child feeling so undecided. I decided to chose.

A few choices later and I think I’ve found it. What I realized is that the more my mind focused, the more people I attracted that inspired me and gave me confidence.

As I feel more confident, the less I hang out with people that lack direction. Furthermore as I continue to realize my dreams the new people I encounter and interact with have similar interest or at least respect and enjoy my own.

On my path, every once in a while I am going to remind myself to take a look around me. If the people that surround me lack focus, have opposite interest or little respect for mine, I will know that it’s time to re-direct and focus my energies.

So the question is:

Do your friends inspire you?



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