Can I Communicate?

I want to be a Master Communicator!

This blog is  a dedication to understanding what effective, inspiring and emotional communication is within the world of media.

Nobel Prize Winning playwright, George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

This can be interpreted many ways but for the sake of this blog it will mean that the aspects of communication can be ignored by many who believe they are doing it.

So who am I?profile_picture_web


I am a stay-at home mom, named Britney Deona Spears, to an outstanding and occasionally feisty 22 month old boy named Rebel. I have been a Full Sail student since May 2012 and switched from Graphic Design to Media Communications in July 2013 because that is where I belong. I’ve held too many different types of jobs to count, but they all had one thing in common: I worked closely with people. Upon becoming pregnant with my son I realized I couldn’t very well tell him to live his dreams if I wasn’t even attempting mine. I recollected, for a LOOOONG TIME, the things I did in childhood that could be a career:


  • At six I made newspapers with my younger sister on my dad’s brand new 1992 PC and sold them from the second story balcony for 25 cents because we weren’t allowed to sell them from the sidewalk. We made around $3.
  • From then on I enjoyed interviewing various people of my family about life while dressing up as a plethora of made-up hosts. I recorded on whatever I could.


I have always loved to communicate and it’s time to get down to business.




Britney Deona Spears  Any Questions?


This post was created using google docs and wedding photo retouched in Photoshop CS6. I found the quote on BrainyQuotes and researched how to write an about page.


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