Week 1 Analysis: Media Entrepreneurship Vision and Scope

Below is the basis of my online-based business. Starting an online-based business in 2015 is a challenging endeavor but as a Media Communications student, I can apply all the concepts I’ve learned and become a successful soloprenuer. What Name: fivesensemom.com A real-life lifestyle mommy blog. An honest depiction of what it is to be an […]

How Brand Journalism Changes Your News

Journalism in Information Era   People will always want to hear and see their news. We will always desire a trusted news personality to let us know what is going on in the world. Reporters like Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly will likely always have a place in the news industry. What changed is our […]


While studying helping games, think about: How you might create and use helping games, What a helping ARG might look like. After exploring a helping game prepare a brief reflection post for your MCBS blog. This reflection post does not have a required length or format. It could be a written post, podcast, or video […]

TMSS Final Draft

After talking to my professor, Jason Gillett, I made some specific changes to my story. 1) I removed the behind the curtain links from the actual story links. Jason pointed out that my central medium was a behind the curtain element: the tv show’s website. I removed this element from the videos, character’s websites and […]